If you are new to this group, we advise that you join us on a couple of work parties so you have a chance to see whether you like the kind of work we do. All our work parties are accessed through Meetup. Meetup is free to join, and once you have been approved for the group itself, you can then put your name down on any work party you wish to attend.

Meetup membership of our group is not the same as being a fully paid up member of our group. After two work parties, you must join the group officially for insurance purposes.

You can stay for as long as you like, you don't need to stay for the full 5 hours. If the limit of attendees on Meetup for that work party has been reached, a waitlist is created. As soon as anyone cancels, the next person on the 'Waitlist' is moved to 'Going', so don't lose heart.

Our annual fees are quite small, £5 single and £8 for joint membership. Membership runs from March 1st to the end of the following February. If you join later in the year, i.e. after September 1st,  you can join for £3 single, until the end of the following February, or £8 to include the following BNTV year.

If you complete 50 hours during the year between March and the end of February, you earn a National Trust Volunteer Card for the following year. This can be achieved by attending only ten work parties, so not too onerous. There are many advantages of having a National Trust Volunteer Card, such as free entry to National Trust Properties and a discount in the National Trust Shops and cafe's (not Franchises).

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