Welcome to Bournemouth National Trust Volunteers

As an officially recognised volunteer group of the NationalTrust, BNTV organises voluntary work parties across a number of National Trust sites and properties, predominantly in the Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire region.

The nature of our work parties vary, providing our volunteers with the opportunity to get involved in a number of outdoor activities helping to maintain and improve the natural environment.  As official volunteers this often allows access to work in areas not accessible to the public.

Our work parties are an ideal opportunity to work outside in beautiful surroundings with friendly, like-minded people.  It's a great way to get some fresh air and exercise and if you attend enough work parties, you can even qualify for free annual National Trust membership!

A Task Leader from BNTV is appointed for each work party and he/she will liaise with the National Trust Ranger about the task. People wishing to attend should notify the Task Leader at least 3 days before the event to ensure adequate tools and gloves will be available. The Task Leader will also arrange any lifts required. We usually meet at 10 am.  A packed lunch is required with plenty of fluids (non alcoholic!), especially in summer. Wellington boots or good protective foot wear is advisable and a good supply of suntan lotion if the weather is so inclined 🙂   Old clothes are essential because we often have bonfires (good for cooking baked potatoes or marshmallows), and wind/waterproofs as necessary.

For a flavour of the locations we work at and the type of tasks we can be involved with, please see below.

Work party locations
  • Kingston Lacy

    Gardening, mulching, clearing undergrowth, countryside tasks

  • Corfe Castle

    Putting up gates and fencing, dragonfly surveys, building boardwalks, tree planting

  • Studland

    Board walk renovation, clearing vegetation from the tank traps and stream banks

  • Brownsea

    Clearance of rhododendrons to return the island to its original habitat for the protection of the wildlife, especially the red squirrel. Construction of a woodland walk

  • Stourhead

    Gate replacement, building Kissing gates, coppicing, cutting steps in hillside, hedge laying, fencing, stream clearance, log splitting

As an official volunteer group of the National Trust, we have opportunities to work in some of the most beautiful locations in the area, often accessing areas not open to the public

Please see our Facebook and Meetup pages for more details

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